Detective Story is a Steam game that came out on January 22nd, where you, the player, have to detect the story. Which is harder than it sounds.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this game, because in the half hour that I played it, I beat it three times. And for that half hour it was…enjoyable? It looked pretty at least, for a game that cost 59 cents.

Detective Story follows Detective Harold as he is called to the scene of a crime where a woman has been murdered and is missing, you guessed it, her genitals. Not really sure why that was focus of this killer’s crimes, other than that he is a maniac according to the game, which is a big deal for Detective Harold.

At the scene of the first crime, you have the chance to talk to one witness who says he is innocent, and you can either say you believe him, or that you don’t and he is under arrest. If you choose to not believe him and tell him he is under arrest, your character then follows that up with saying he is just kidding, so no real point in that conversation. At the next crime scene, you find the one and only clue that eventually leads you to knowing who the killer is, because Detective Harold is a super genius. Now that you’ve figured it out, you get to participate in the one driving scene of the game, that eventually leads you to the maze.

This maze takes up the last half of the game, and if you aren’t careful and haven’t saved recently, can make you restart the whole game after falling victim to the spike traps laid throughout. They are very easy to spot though, so unless you are looking for a little variety and hoping to see how much Detective Harold can take, I’d say avoid them so you can rush to the conclusion and move on to something else. Eventually after finding your way out of the maze, you make it to an underground lair, where you learn the identity of the genital cutting murderer, and also have to save your partner from them. I won’t spoil it here, because if you have 59 cents and ten minutes to kill, you can easily find out for yourself.