Reach the Summit is a Steam game that came out on January 15th, 2021, where you, the player, have to reach the summit.

Reach the Summit is a 2d, side scrolling platformer where you play as Leah, the novice climber, trying to improve herself and reach her first summit. To achieve this, she must jump to avoid bottomless pits, spikes, and reach the…next screen. Through a series of different challenges, you will eventually reach the summit. But it’s going to take some trial and error, especially in the later levels.

Then there is this one level, where you go behind a wall of ice and basically have to guess your way through, that trial and error doesn’t really cut it, but luck certainly does. I had actually given up hope on finishing this game because of that level, but then did manage to come out the other side and progress through the rest of the game.

Now, maybe there is a mechanic that I am yet to figure out, or maybe it does take some context clues that I couldn’t figure out, but I only finished this level by hitting left and jump repeatedly while watching Netflix and eventually noticed that I had indeed succeeded.

Beyond this almost impossible level, were levels with invisible platforms that in theory sound harder, but were actually far easier, because finding the right path just takes a few falls before finding success. But once you find it, its get easier to do. And you end up doing it quite a few times, because instead of death resetting you at the screen you’re on, it sends you back to the beginning of the second invisible platform level. And it stays like that, until you reach the summit.

Upon reaching the summit, the game doesn’t really end. You are just kind of stuck there. There’s no credits scene, no end of game reward, other than the Steam achievement for reaching the summit (and there is also the secret achievement), but you’re kind of just left at the summit, I assume to collect your thoughts.

This game was actually quite fun to play, and if not for that one level, would be a game I’d go back to, but I don’t know that I’ll get lucky again and I’d rather just end on the high note of having reached the summit, where she will surely die of exposure.