Small Iron, released on Steam on January 6th, is a side scrolling platform game, with an almost Wild West theme.

Right off the bat, you get some Mega Man vibes with the first screen beyond the title screen being a level select featuring the boss of said level, but with names like Jed Slampit, Dick Nichols, and my personal favorite Sting Dinkle. And that vibe continues in almost every facet, from level design to boss mechanics. You are even awarded the weapon type of the defeated boss. The only real difference, on a basic level, is the story itself, which is due mainly to the fact that, it doesn’t really have much of a story.

Once upon a time in the old west the citizens of the small town of Little Brick band together to hire a nameless hero to deal with the lawless McCoy gang once and for all. Join our nameless hero as he gets armed and equipped to deal with this threat for good.
Jump and shoot your way across six levels to recover six weapons in your fight against the McCoy gang. Fight in harsh environments across the territory to restore peace and order to the town of Little Brick.

From the Small Iron Steam page, developed by Klastor Games

The level select screen gives you a choice of seven levels, with seven different wanted criminals each with their own weapon of choice. Ostensibly, you can collect all of said weapons by defeating the six heroes before taking on Doc McCoy, but before you can do that, you have to defeat the soft lock that prevents you from exiting out of the game after defeating a boss. As of this posting, I have not actually beaten the game because of this glitch, but it’s still been a fun game to pass the time.

The gameplay itself is pretty fun. The platforming isn’t too complicated, and the shooting is fairly easy, especially since your bullets go through the level design to kill whatever is in their path. My biggest complaint of the platforming is the knock back received from enemies and their projectiles, but that’s avoidable if you’re a better player than myself. And if you have more patience than me, you are more likely to actually finish the game.

The soft lock I mentioned before has burned me too many times at this point to continue trying, but I’m sure I will eventually go back to try and finish. I’ve beaten every level, just not in one go, but I’ve yet to face down Doc McCoy. I can only assume he is responsible for the freezing up of the game.