Rogues Adventure, or Tiny Adventure, is a platforming adventure game on Steam, with a price tag of 99 cents.

The reasoning behind the two names, is because I’m still not sure what the game is actually called. If you search it on Steam, Rogues Adventure is the name that appears, but when you go to the game’s store page, it is only mentioned as Tiny Adventure. For the purpose this post, I’m going to refer to it as Tiny Adventure, because that’s exactly what it was.

When you first open the game, there is no loading screen, no intro, not even a ‘press any key’ screen. You just start. You play as a hooded character who has some very serious ups and you enter levels by dropping down onto one of ten red flags. The starting level is very easy with only a few deadly spikes along the way to finding the path to the red flag that takes you back to the level select screen. To get there, you have to collect coins along the way, and the coins will make these immovable boxes disappear so you can progress further through the level.

As you get to the later levels, more on that to follow, the challenges do get slightly trickier, with the introduction of what look like bears that roam around, and bounce pads to help you reach higher platforms. One level also features a wizard of sorts that drops magical bubbles down that took me the longest time to actually see. I couldn’t figure out what was continually ending my characters life as I stood there waiting for a bear to pass, until I realized what was happening. Luckily that particular mechanic is only seen in one level.

There is no real structure to this tiny adventure. If you wanted to skip to what I’d consider the last level, feel free to go ahead and jump your way up there and do so. If/when you beat it though, there is no recognition of your feat. Instead you are sent back to the level select screen where all of the flags remain there for you to pick from, just incase you wanted to try a certain level again. If you do happen to jump into a level that you didn’t mean to, maybe because you had already done it, or were trying to go in an order that makes sense to you, good luck trying to back out of it. Your best bet is to just beat it and get back to the home screen. You could try quickly dying three times to run through your lives, but they just reset and don’t really serve a purpose other than resetting the coins you had already collected.

Just to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything from this game, I went through and beat each level. I was rewarded with being sent back to the level select screen, and no way of exiting the game other than force quitting. It took me 26 minutes of total play time. And that’s because I’m awful at games. I wish that I had more to say about this game, but the total play time was so short that I feel as though I’ve covered it pretty substantially. It is currently on sale for 59 cents, so if you really want to try it, please by all means uncover the secrets that I could not. 3/5