Have you ever wanted to go to space? How about build your own rocket ship out of junk that you find around your small deserted town? Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be an alien? If you answered yes to any of those, then I can’t really help you, because although Multia Space Program was supposed to do those things, it didn’t quite deliver.

The premise of Multia Space Program is not given to the player from the get go, but based on some context clues from exploring the world, and also the title screen, you are able to figure out, or at least assume, that you are an alien who has crash landed in Multia, and have to build a rocket ship out of junk you find around town in order to get back to the moon. And I mean premise in the loosest definition of the word, because there is not a whole lot going on here story-wise.

According to the Steam Store page for Multia Space Program, there are three different endings for the game, based on three different rockets that you can build. The claim is also made that there is a soundtrack, and supposedly a cutscene will be added to accompany the soundtrack, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. Or be all that invested at all to be honest.

While the game itself is somewhat pretty, by $2 game standards, it is most assuredly, very clunky. The simple control scheme of using ASWD to move while looking around with the mouse works for the most part, but occasionally while walking you lose the ability to look around. As soon as you stop to look around, you are able to resume doing so while walking, which could be intended as a great metaphor for life, but I don’t think that’s the case. When you do find a piece of your rocket ship that you’d like to bring to the launchpad, you can left click to pick it up, and then right click to throw it. Now you may be asking yourself “why would I pick something up just to throw it, when I could just as easily walk it over?” Welp, thats a question you’ll have to save for the developer because as it stands, you can either walk into an item to move it around, or pick it up, throw it, walk back up to it, pick up, throw, repeat, until you’ve finally assembled all of your pieces on the makeshift launchpad.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, that seems like a really long and boring, uninteresting process just to gather pieces, and guess what? You’re absolutely right. The game rewards exploring the world with being able to build a better rocket, but the act of exploring is so dull and slow, that you’ll most likely find yourself searching the areas closest to the launchpad. Which is why on my one, and probably only play through, I did just that, and built my spaceship out of a rusted body of a car, some trashcans, a car battery, and some gasoline that required some rather disturbing methods of obtaining that I won’t go into here. Because of the cheaply made rocket, on my launch, I was awarded this final screen.

Apparently a rusted out car body doesn’t provide the oxygen that your alien body requires while hurtling towards the moon, though the trashcans do work exceptionally well as rockets, so if you can explain that, maybe this game is for you. As for me, after my character died died, I took this final screenshot and have no intention of returning ever again.

Now, I did mention last week that there is the potential I will attempt to start making videos of some of these gameplays. That is still the plan, but I was running short on time this week and did not get the chance to record, but I can assure you, you did not miss much of anything. That being said, save your $2 this week, and save yourself from the boredom that is Multia Space Program. 1/5